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Dreamteam Technologies
PFL spaces is the future oriented cycling company which is established by the two dynamic and ambitious cyclists - Mark rossiter and Justin Sires. The company believes in the following statement - to perform and prepare the future oriented product that stand on every parameter of future.  

Till the date company has prepared the more than 250 storage facilities for designing, developing, storage of bicycles around the globe. The company is better renowned for the thorough understanding of the project and utilising the knowledge they have for maximising the project efficiency they work on. The company is also famous for the overall facility management services and as well better customer satisfaction.

Why ERP is needed in PFL spaces -
When PFL spaces was going to launch their london branch in 2017, they initially launched the customer relationship management (CRM) tool which was the proper repeat version of the CRM software version of their australian branch.
The netsuite software was chosen as per because of their value for money and after working with their company, PFL realised that proper data management can lead to the more revenue to your table.
So the company again decided to work with the netsuite because they wanted to have some customizations with their software so that they can work as per the norms of the UK and other european work-culture parameters.
Only the project management facilities and contact data management were associated as per the same. All other modules were changed as per according to the terms of trade of European countries.
So first they again had the conversation with the netsuite team and after a long conversion, they decided to recourse their software. Again in this new customization the overall gross profit creation and future prediction.
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