Engaging the adult learners into producing, developing and constructing into the scholarship programs and online publishing activities is a complex task. It has been 25 years of establishment of www world and internet, still we have not been able to make students capable enough in to the web publishing activities.
There was an era, where writing and publishing activity was limited to the classroom. Since students are showing interest in getting involved in professional course material development still its pace is too much slow to prepare the adult learners in to professional scholars. It is still academic and short term activity.
To increase the student engagement into academic projects and scholarship activities, students are needed to motivate for submitting their academic project reports on a prescribed format. It is importantly needed to notify students that they will not be judged at initial level and will not be graded as well.
This idea was firstly implemented into the Maryland University College in 2009, in which graduation completing students took participation in the publication process of their research project. It was estimated that more than 64% of students were found more focused and excited towards their academic research project.
An adult learner is a currency of the university and academic institutions because they can add the true value to the knowledge base of the university. It is also good for their academic and professional career as well it is also good for the knowledge management of the universities.   
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