An adult is one who has already reached at the age of the 18. So an adult learner is the one who goes for an advanced education in a college or university. The different motives of the adult learners can be there like - personal enrichment, getting professional competitive edge and many more.

Passions of an adult learner -

The adult learners are inspired by their personal goals and desires. They are self directed towards their goals and desires.

Adults are goal oriented so that they come to the university or online learning initiatives for their knowledge and personal enrichment.

Adults have a goal oriented lifestyle to accumulate the knowledge of work related activities. A good practitioner of a peculiar subject expert can give a tremendous personal enrichment to the students of the age.

Adults learners are the practical oriented people. They want to consume the practical aspects of a lesson more than just to read it.

Adult learners are needed to be shown respect. It should be considered that the relationship between the students and university or institute should exist forever.

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