Asset Management Salient Features in college ERP software -
• Maintain stock items category/sub category wise
• Maintain indent due indent, released indent, completed and cancelled indents
• Maintain list of purchase order made by purchase department
• Manage opening stock details
• Due code from which we can fill the item codes
• Maintain GRN list as open GRNs, closed GRNs, add expenses , list expenses or create a new GRN
• Keep the track of list of lost items
• Keep track of listing of incomplete repair maintenance transaction • Keep the track of listing of order receive for maintenance
• Maintain the list of issue or return REPORTS:
• Obtain the listing of all the items category wise
• Issue /return transaction details within a given date parameter
• List of due reports date wise • Fine received details date wise
• List the lost items details within a given specific date
• List the repair item within the date parameter
• Detailed purchase order list date wise
• GRN detailed listing date wise
• Detailed indent list date wise
• Assets register detailed list date wise
• Item wise transaction details within the date parameter
• Stock detail listing according to the category and the sub category.

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