A bank finance software is an application which gives the core functionality to the banking operations and gives the freedom to customers to perform the transactions by having their own accounts. Every big bank has its own customised software which is also known as core banking software solutions.
In this post, we will try to understand about some famous bank finance software created by core banking institutes of India -
Finacle -
Finacle is developed by EdgeVerve Systems Limited which is a subsidiary of InfoSys. This software is cloud based finance solution which is having 848 million customer base and currently working in 94 countries. Finacle software performs following tasks for core banking -
product and accounts management.
savings and overdraft management.
term deposits and loan management.
Debts and credit management.
bank statement analysis and reporting management.
Bank guarantees and letters of credit.
Oracle finance services software -
This financial software is provided by the Oracle company and it has 900 customers across in more than 140 countries. Oracle Finance services software is helpful in performing tasks in following activities like -
retail and investment management.
cash and fund-flow management.
analytical insights into the customer details.
compliance management.
security system for financial crimes.
Flexcube -
Flexcube is the major product of the IFlex solutions. It has helped many large banks and corporates to increase their profitability and it gives following functionalities -
reducing operating costs.
rich customer data collection.
innovating new products.
rapid customer acquisition.
helps banks with compliance requirements.   
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