ConfecCo’s SAP manager suggested that benchmarking and monitoring the system performance was more important than change management, training and support.  
In the case of ConfecCo’s ERP implementation, the benefits were achieved by streamlining business processes and removing redundancies. The SAP platform was seen as a tool and provided a mechanism for achieving the results.
The use of the ERP implementation business case and from comparing those outcomes that had been delivered by the SAP platform, provided the management with a basis of what returns had been achieved. ConfecCo’s implementation team would use industrial benchmarks to monitor and evaluate the performance improvements delivered by its SAP platform.
The use of benchmarks was necessary to track areas that still required attention for optimisation and fixing. “It’s (ERP system) a mechanism to achieve greater visibility, quicker information, better management of your resources … or whatever.
But setting your benchmarks within the system is probably one of the key things (and provides) visibility of what’s going on in any particular business process or business system, you can then from a management perspective, track and manage against that to deliver the benefits” (SAP Project Manager)

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