The access properties are the methods which decides that what data can be accessed by the services or which can not be. Thus access properties can decide the flow of the data access in an application.
There are many access properties and attributes in coldfusion framework, which can give you the permission to integrate the data of an application with the other platforms like - flash and flex. There are following access specifiers in the coldfusion framework -
Private -
This access specifier tells that only the authentified coldfusion application and component can access the data. Outer function, methods and properties cannot access the private method and function.
Package -
This is one step further access specifier from private. In it, only the scope incoming methods and variables will be able to use the function. It opens up the methods and data to other functions.
Public -   
It is the default access specifier of the coldfusion framework and OOPS concept. This option allows the application services and properties to use the inscope function data.
Remote -
It is the most open access specifier of coldfusion framework. Only in the coldfusion defined functions and parameters but also the other web services and applications can also access the data of a remote defined function.
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