Keeping websites in sync with multiple servers in a clustered environment is not an easy task because in this task, server settings are also needed to maintain at a very essential level with content and application elements. Generally there are multiple individuals to maintain these settings but to maintain them at individual level is very difficult.

There are following settings to be considered for maintaining these server settings like -

Operating system and web software upgrades.

OS configuration settings like - registry, mappings, services etc.

JDBC settings.

Coldfusion administrator settings.

HTML pages and CFML documents.

To maintain these tasks is full of hassles. Although there are many options and tools available to perform these tasks but it is impossible to use only one tool to perform all of these operations. There are multiple of tools needed to perform these operations like -

FTP - To copy files & directories from one server to another.

Deployment software - To copy all kind of files, documents and directories to another server from one server.

Coldfusion 9 archive - For deploying your coldfusion application content, directories and other settings.

These tools are viable options for the application developers for handling the application in sync with other servers. Companies can also prepare their own scripts and tools to handle all these tasks but again these tools are required time to develop and code testing is necessary for proper functioning. Companies should take the decision as per their convenience.   

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