Introspection is a way or medium, in which the snapshot of the complete source code is taken. It is helpful in the large development teams and very useful when developers have the need of finding the appropriate code when needed.

There are following methods used in introspection -

CFC explorer -

CFC explorer is our first introspection medium, in which a separate login facility is provided to the end user. This is an effective way to provide only authorised administrator end users to see the current coldfusion data. CFC explorer is an effective medium to show data directly to the end user.

Component doc -

This explorer directly reads all your components of an application and it can also inspect and review the chosen element. It is easily navigable and readable too and it shows all the information in multi fragmented windows.

These tools can help you in showcasing your coding elements. It is necessary to be well documented, well - coded and well - commented to be in understable format. It is also mandatory to mention here that it depends on your needs, team environment and learning abilities that how you can use this tool.  

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