Credit monetary data is an analysis of the current and projected financial statements regarding to a loan candidate/applicant. It is done for ensuring of the use of the fund given by the bank to the applicant for his/her long and short term period.
CMA data (also abbreviated as credit monitoring arrangement data) is prepared as per according to the reserve bank of India guidelines. This data is provided completely by the company to the bank on a regulatory basis. This documentary data includes - fund flow and cash flow,
last 2 years financially audited data,
ratio analysis reporting,
financial projections of company or person.
comparative statement of assets and liabilities
current operating expenses and P/L statements
It is necessary to be complete, up-to-date and officially authentic of the CMA data of the company because banks depends completely on this data and they carefully evaluate the CMA reports for the ensurity of funding on a regular basis.
It is very necessary for the banks to find the particulars which can determine both the present and suggested limit of the fund based limits and find the current balance. This is necessary to find the level of authenticity of the Loan applicant.
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