Coldfusion edition 9 is the scalable web application platform based on the Java platform. This platform is easy enough to build multi-tier enterprise applications with including of the many web based services like - XML, ASP & JSP, Java messaging services etc. It also gives the ability to reuse components, creating web services & designing mobile applications having multi-device support.

Coldfusion 9 edition also supports the J2EE standards which is based on the Java server capabilities, which makes it to work upon the advanced legacy infrastructure. Coldfusion 9 is a well-advanced, well-supported, well-defined set of standards following platform which inherits the multiplatform support and gives the facility to the user to choose their more comfortable platform.    

Which platforms are supported by the coldfusion 9 edition -  

standalone server
multi-server backend support
adobe jrun 4.0
IBM websphere
BEA weblogic
oracle application server

What kind of facilities coldfusion 9 gives for the prior legacy support -  

There are many kind of the facilities given by the coldfusion 9 architectural facilities -
interconnectivity between the two or more disparate systems  
improve the system architecture by adding the multidimensional features
add new automation workflow management to the business process management
interact the internal business databases to the external authorised party servers
maximize new and existing J2EE servers

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