Coldfusion is a J2EE certified framework which provides the facility to write, compile and packaging of all of the coding elements in to one system and then distribute at the disparate systems via coldfusion archives.
There are 3 types of coldfusion archives -
coldfusion archives
J2EE archives
coldfusion compiler
In coldfusion 9 edition, there is a great feature of creating and adding as many CAR files for creating coldfusion archives. You can choose one CAR file to archive all coldfusion application settings and you can also choose the one CAR file for each individual setting.
Coldfusion archives are very important but very least used feature of the coldfusion administrator. To define the archive name, first its name is name is given and then files and settings are chosen, which is to be chosen in the .CAR file.
Steps for creating the coldfusion .CAR file -
Open the ColdFusion Administrator. Expand the Packaging and Deployment section.
In the Archive Wizard, specify the data to archive.
When you have finished selecting the archive options, click Close Window. Your archive definition is now complete.
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