A compiler is always a very important part of the coldfusion framework. The coldfusion compiler compiles the coldfusion templates and files in to the Java byte code. Coldfusion compiler works as a command line interface utility on windows.  

The working mechanism of coldfusion compiler is incredible in itself, because it works upon the sourceless codes and files. Being sourceless means that the templates will have the unprocessed java bytecode but at the execution time they will be handled as CFML code. It is done for the protection for the coldfusion intellectual property security.

There are three type of coldfusion compiling elements -

Web root directory shows the qualified and predefined path to the server root directory.

Directory-to-compile element shows the complete information of the templates to be compiled. It is necessary to be in the webroot directory.

Output directory is defined as the qualified web directory to the compiled and deployable files.

Compilation of the coldfusion templates is started when the server is restarted. The compiler compresses whole the templates into the Java byte code and stores into the memory. It can increase the initial requests to the server for some time. The caching facility is also performed with the coldfusion compiler so that we can improve the server performance.        

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