ColdFusion makes a connection to perform the operation in the exchange server. These connections are made with the http, proxy server or https. ColdFusion makes this connection via providing to the server login page or it can also do it via delegated access.

There are the following requirements which are necessary for to the connection of the ColdFusion server management -

exchange server, access client and webDAV.
outlook web access to authentify the users.
a valid SSL connection for HTTPS connection.

There are two type of connections available in ColdFusion framework -
persistent connection
transient connection  

Persistent connection is the connection, in which the total connection is maintained unless the explicit user automatically closes the connection. It is necessary to close this connection manually otherwise the connection is not getting closed until the inactivity till 300 seconds.

Transient connections are necessary for the tag inclusion. Unless the tag is existed the connection is closed after that. It is useful for performing only the single tasks in a database. Exchange servers can allow the other users to allow the access of the mailboxes. Servers can also give access to the calendars, contacts, notes and tasks.

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