Adobe provides the three methods for deploying your coldfusion application -
backup your configuration as a contingency plan for hardware failure.
creating coldfusion archive to allow the redeployment of code files and settings.
sourceless deployment without changing in original code, files and templates.
An application developer or internet service manager can choose the appropriate deployment need as per their convenience.
Adobe provides the cfcompile script for compiling of the precompiled class files. It is a need for many of the coldfusion application developers, that they want to deploy the class files on the other systems but generally it is not possible.
The coldfusion compiler is not applicable to process and compile the files, which has the extension is other than the .cfx, .cfc and .cfm etc. To compile the other files they are necessary to shift in the root inetpub folder of the coldfusion application.
The security concerns are always there to any application on the internet from the simple HTML application to the toughest RIA applications. The overall risk is not only limited to the code, files, templates, infrastructure and database servers but also to the end user.  
It is important to understand that security risks are inherent to any application running on a networked machine. Day by day different type of cyber attacks, data thefts cases are increasing and most importantly, the security of data of end user is very necessary.  
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