An event gateway is an effective medium to interact with the server and its programs. The biggest benefit of an event gateway is this that the ColdFusion application has no need to follow the HTTP based rules & regulations.

When a request is passed to a web server, the server has to respond within time otherwise “request time out” error can be generated. Event gateways allow you to handle the request and gives the facilities to track what is happening on your server.

In ColdFusion framework, there is an email server option which automatically tracks your source control system. Event gateways also gives your user the benefit of getting rid of “request time out” error because they are free of HTTP protocol.

When a user requests to your server through HTTP medium, and if this is going to be time-out request. You can take the help of the event gateways and that request is handled via the Gateways with no danger of error time out.

ColdFusion can handle many gateways, which are done via several instances. An instance is generally a copy of the actual gateway which is installed on your server. Gateway instances are the Java objects which are started and stopped by the ColdFusion administrator.               

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