CFML is not enough to define and fulfill your responsibilities alone like - interacting with other applications, communicating with other legacy systems, writing high performance code etc. To perform these tasks efficiently, Java EE platform is necessary.  

There are variety of ways, by which many ColdFusion and Java objects interact with each other. ColdFusion can also interact with the Java platform applications like - java server pages, java servlets, tag libraries etc. The things impossible in ColdFusion can be fulfilled easily in Java platform.

CFML gives you all the facility to work with the Java classes and objects. There are following services which you can add with the CFMl interface, like -
built-in classes and their member variables and functions.

self-written java classes and obtained from third party.

While working with Java objects, there is need to create an instance in CFML with the help of or createobject (). There are following attributes in the tag to work with Java objects -

ACTION - to decide the action of your application. It is a required attribute which has the value of create.   

TYPE -  to decide the connection of Java object. It can be a simple object or bean of Java.

CLASS - the name of the Java class.

NAME - The variable name you want to create to interact with the object.

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