One of the most crucial tasks of any corporation is the restructuring and maintaining the user and company data. This is a hazardous process and there is no single standard method which can be utilized for all corporations in spite of advanced technological development.

When one company acquires another company, it is needed to combine the information of users, departments & organizational entities. Both the companies may have different methods for storing the data which definitely creates dangerous problem. To remove this problem in ColdFusion framework, LDAP ( lightweight directory access protocol ) has been initiated.

LDAP is a standard protocol initiated by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) which was generally initiated to tie between the directory structures from child to parent directories. The core development properties have not been changed for many years. Many big corporations are supporting the
concept of LDAP learning.

To store information in a proper way, there is another concept available in LDAP which is known as DIT ( document information tree ). This is a hierarchical tree consisting of objects with its related attributes and values. It can be large and complex also.

A directory tree can include many of the entries which is represented by their unique distinguished name. A DN is generally a primary key for any directory tree. A DN can represent the single entry and number of entries too.   

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