One of the biggest things is to understand about an application, that why an application is behaving unexpectedly after being deployed. There are many type of problems occurring in coldfusion application like - slowdown in performance, memory space spikes, unresponsiveness and strange behaviour.

One of the initial steps of monitoring a coldfusion server application is to set a baseline. The baseline setting means to determine about the server that how will an application will behave under normal conditions. One of the important methods of monitoring coldfusion application is collecting data about the bugs, security threats, bottlenecks and troubleshoot problems at a period of time.

From the launching period of coldfusion 9, many analytical tools are provided. Analyzing all the coldfusion log files is the indicator of the successful maintenance of the coldfusion application. There are many log files of a coldfusion application like -

application.log - records every error in the application
customtag.log -  records custom tags in the application
flash.log - records flash logging errors
jrun.log - this log stores the java runtime errors
mailsent.log - records email messages sent
rdservice.log - records errors in remote development service
server.log - records server errors in the coldfusion application

ColdFusion also provides you the facility of tracking the long time requests through its coldfusion administrator. Periodically by log file viewing, application developer can make an assumption of how an application is responding with the time.    

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