Today discovery of disasters before planning a secure ColdFusion server system is crucial for organization. It is not enough to distribute an application on the multiple servers and take online and offline backup of the ColdFusion application. There are multiple of other tasks which are necessary to perform for the security of the ColdFusion application, like -  

rebuilding and restructuring of servers
making tuning of the configuration of changes
preventing secure and sensitive data
validation of data

In the web security division, first parameter is to discuss upon the web hosting. Today many companies prefer to choose the inexpensive web hosting but there is no guarantee of uptime and regular availability. The web host should be based on the following parameters like - domain bandwidth, internet connectivity, power backup and 99.99% time of availability.

It is also necessary to monitor and evaluate the active website monitoring from any outside tool. It is necessary to gain the website tracking and report for days, weeks and months. Several web analytics tool from Solarwinds and hewlett packard also provide this type of facilities.

ColdFusion administrators should decide the quality of service about the transmission rates and server quality. It is also essential to determine the packet transmission rates through the network protocol. This type of ensurity decides the 99.99% uptime availability of the ColdFusion application.   

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