The web services are generally a intermediate medium to communicate data with the user without using application, platforms and syntaxes. Any web services are made by following the industry standards and protocols of TCP/IP and HTTP. Web services follow the XML framework to show data in their structured format.

Web services are made as per according to the business models. Web services are an appropriate medium to foster relationship between the company to company and company to customer. On the basis of the communication models the web services are divided into the three parts -

Provider Model -

This is a very basic model, which is based upon the B2B relationship. In the provider model, a company can provide their services to other companies so that they can foster their relationship with their customers in market and also provide better customer services by better communication.

Consumer Model -

This model works on the relationship of B2C model. In this model, a company merges their web services into their web applications, so that they can reduce their operating and technical expenses.

Syndication Model -       

In the syndication model, a company uses its web services to showcase their products and services to their customers. It can speed up the leverage power of the market via the company. It also allows the company to repackage their products and services.   

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