There are many mediums, which are helpful in the accessing and consuming the ColdFusion application data via SharePoint -

by links -

SharePoint gives the facility to add the simple application urls to the ColdFusion 9 application.

by web services -

In SharePoint, there is a facility to add the BDC related web parts which gives you the facility to create a web service in ColdFusion. This application can be accessed via the SharePoint BDC and other web parts.

by Email -   

SharePoint also gives the facility to user to add multiple documents and blog entries by creating email lists. These emails can also be attached to the SharePoint document libraries.

by RSS feeds -

SharePoint also provides the RSS feed web viewer that displays the RSS feeds of your web pages. In ColdFusion 9 framework, RSS feeds can be created in making web pages by using tags and RSS feeds can be used.  

by WSRP -

WSRP consumer web part is an another web part that displays WSRP for the application users. ColdFusion 9 application data can be consumed as a web service and can be displayed within the WSRP producer.  
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