An application developer has the main duty to keep an online ColdFusion application up to its full speed.Since the beginning of internet era after 1990, it is necessary to make websites speedy for the lead and revenue generation and to serve the users 24 X 7.  
Today when a website becomes downtime, it means a lost revenue in thousands of dollars. So to to have highly available websites and applications is the prime need of today competitive era. To have a highly available website means that your website responds to user 99.99% of the time.
To have a website 99.99% responding to end user, is it possible? Yes it is ! To get this motive, it is necessary to work on the web application design and network architecture. It is good to have your ColdFusion application on the multiple of servers instead of single server.
To increase your website uptime and online availability, it is necessary for application developers to determine the availability of the website/application for performance. Mostly the cause of crashing of web application is due to too much heavy load on the server and improper performance tuning.
There are following testing procedures like - structured load testing and stress testing. Structured load testing is the testing which anticipates the traffic flow on website in a given time period. Load testing is necessary to evaluate the maximum load handling capacity of the web server.
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