If you are aware from the term of ColdFusion application scaling, then you must also be aware from the term of the tiering of the ColdFusion application. Generally the ColdFusion tier is divided into the three tiers -

Browser - the client tier
Application server - application tier
database - data tier
This type of ColdFusion application architecture is also known as physical architecture in which many software and hardware configurations are distributed on the mix of servers to run effectively a ColdFusion application.  

There are two type of ColdFusion servers - Front-end and Back-end. Both of these servers are framed while considering the security of the application server. Only those resources are needed to share where are needed to show the proper information.  

The exposed web server addresses are called the front end servers. They interact in between the browser and network cluster of the application. The back-end servers interact with LAN and the network clusters.

To stop the unwanted traffic on the back-end servers, dual-homed server architecture is used. In this mechanism two NIC cards are used in a single server that establish a correlation between the front end and the back end.   

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