Welcome to the world of coldfusion web programming ! Let’s know today about the making of coldfusion components. To make the coldfusion components , complete knowledge of CFML (coldfusion markup language) is necessary. These components are easy to understand and not confusing to create.
Generally in a web application, there are many parts included like - database, data collections and validation, user interface and presentation. At the base of traditional model, these things are hard to control. In coldfusion framework, the complete code logic is separated from the design which is helpful in building that application.
The biggest quality of the coldfusion framework is that a single method can be used at multiple of instances in the entire application and it also reduces the risk of code duplication. It also helps you in managing your code libraries in a manageable size and easily followable.
Another phenomenal quality of coldfusion framework is found that the functions and methods are able to perform the data visualization for you. This is also known as introspection. Coldfusion framework also gives you the facility to define the UDF (user defined functions).  It creates a helpful working environment for you because UDFs generally reduces the overhead to the application resources.
Besides all this functionalities, the functions and methods can easily be grouped together according to their use and sizes. The code libraries can easily be managed and be used in an efficient manner. Different packages can be made for grouping of functions.  

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