ConfecCo is an australian company which is a FMCG sector dealing company in Australia. It was established in 1922 and in initials it was working as under its UK headquarters. Its headquarter is in Tasmania (Australia).
Why and how ERP was needed / implemented in ConfecCo ?
The first erp software was needed in the company when there was the need of automation and quality in the integration between confectionary and beverage divisions. The main focus area were finance, sales/ marketing, manufacturing operations & processes.
The choiced software was SAP and and it took almost 2 years to go complete. The total project cost was the 5 million dollars. The total cost was figured after 15 years of implementation SAP in the company in 2008.
Before implementing the erp software of SAP, the complete business policies were reengineered. In the project development team, the senior management was also included. The end users were also involved to review the feedback.
The CFO was found the most active entity in the implementation of the SAP erp software. It also impacted the internal and external stakeholders and many few suppliers and vendors were consulted for the erp business operations.
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