Dairyco is a dairy product based company which deals in overseas market also. The dairy products were cheese, baby milk, spreads, creams and pasteurized milk. The ERP systems were involved in the day to day business activities in 2001 by senior management. The large effects were there on the working of dairyco.
The company had their own change managers employed at the time of implementation of erp software. These change managers identified the risky areas, initialized improved business processes and all new affected areas were also redesigned. All these managers had the mix of skill set and experience of reengineer the existing business processes.
At the training time, the inhouse IT department of Dairyco company conducted training session for the employees. First of all, the super users of the software were trained for the software because they would be eligible to train their colleagues and junior staff. It was also known as the “train the trainer” approach.
The senior management wanted to ensure this thing that the users and stakeholders of the software must be ready for the use of software. The inhouse IT team was ready to support the SAP performance improvement at every stage and resolving all the issues.
Benefits of dairyco SAP implementation -
establishing common goals and vision among all the employees
create learning environment in the organizations
standardization of products and services
streamlining of business processes with the goals of organization
reduction in cost and decreasing order rate
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