A load balancing software is very necessary to run a web application for a long period of time. Generally a web hosting server becomes fail because of any hardware or software failure issue. It is essential for the server to distribute the traffic very evenly. Sometimes the backup database server is properly initiated in addition to the main database server for the data recovery.   

Generally a server data recovery and redirection is done by using the three ways -

software based
hardware based
combination of both

Software for load balancing -

A software based load balancing software is required for to communicate between the main server and the backup servers. If one main database server fails, then it redirects the traffic automatically to the backup servers. Generally the software based load balancing software is usually slow than the hardware based driver, because they have to decide that which route to redirect the traffic. These are better for affiliate marketers and bloggers.

Hardware based load balancing -  

Hardware based load drivers are much more speedier than software based load balancers because they use predefined algorithms to redirect the traffic. The hardware driver has all the list of the IP address and mac addresses of the connected servers. Hardware based load balancers are much more efficient for the highly traffic oriented sites like - shoutmeloud because the data loss probabilities are much more in quantity.

Combination based load balancing -
In this type of hardware and software combination based load balancing, both technique features are adopted. In coldfusion 9 version, integration of hardware and software based load balancing can be used.   

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