There is a tectonic shift in the distance learning system since after 1990 when the new ICT revolution was started. The emergence of the digital technologies and internet mediums have changed the traditional, old and complex learning and education systems into new interacting ones.

After the distance learning has been shifted to digital initiatives, so the approach from the classroom teaching and tutorials has been shifted to the presentation and interaction oriented activities.  

This approach is getting more inclined towards making students getting knowledgeable about the industrialization and business trends. For completing this task, a course development and production unit is developed in the universities and colleges and the teaching method is found necessary in a low amount of time.

The cost factor is highly found effective in this whole series of activities. The cost is highly fixed by using the budgetary schedules and a bit of variable cost per student is also included. The emphasis is to make all the course material cost effective and highly useful for each and every student.

Definitely it is true that the web based online learning and digital trends have impacted a lot to the traditional education systems. It is started to realize that the prefabricated and completely text oriented activities is no longer necessary for the students. It should be made accordingly to the dialogues and interaction based.

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