To gain the required competencies in the E-learning and computer literacy is a more indepth task that it looks. Generally computer learning is the combination of skills, knowledge and competencies that makes a learner self-sufficient to use all the applications and solutions to perform his tasks and operations in an internet oriented environment.

What type of things are included for the computer learning -

The following facts are analyzed for seeking out the computer learning -
skills of internet, social networking and computer basics.
copyright and legal knowledge.
skills of word processing, spreadsheets, databases and graphics.
knowledge of security sources from viruses, worms and backups.
online privacy and anonymous browsing.
knowledge of multimedia and graphical resources.

There are multiple of differences from the point of view of gender. Males are generally found to have more technically awareness than the females. This is the case of self-awareness, not of self-completeness. In the case of multimedia storage and data handling, gender differences are the highest.

On the bachelor and postgraduate level, the level of difference in computer education can also be seen. There is also need of the awaring students about the basic above mentioned computer skills but also tell truth about the proper information retrieval. At the postgraduate level, the working needs are to work upon the virtual and professional identification methods.

Impact of computer experience also impacts the learner’s ability to face the computer. How much a learner learns about the internet and its power, that much he gets proficient. This is not related to any self competencies but related to the self-awareness.

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