In a company alike EntertainCo, ERP software is an ongoing phenomenon. The ERP development team of entertainco was always involved in developing new modules and functionalities in the ERP software for the further development. After that the total 95 modules were added to the software and as the added functionality, S&D module was attached to the software with the module advancement.
It was overall necessary for the end users to make familiarise themselves with the overall functionality of the software and it tool overall 6 months to complete this task by the employees. The finance module to the SAP software was the standalone action by the implementation team which could contribute to the overall finance related operations.
The most important module was related to the IPM software that was made as per according to to support the sales and distribution systems. Later on the BPC modules were also added to the business planning and development.
Conclusion -
The overall SAP software was made to the company to replace its existing legacy systems and the overall GST reporting were also included in the overall modules. There were also the benefits to add the reporting and automation problems. After the CRM module development, the speed of the business regular growth development was increased.    
Unlike other traditional ERP stories, entertainco erp software was not just only about implementing erp software, but it is the evolving story of the erp implementation in a variable business environment. It was further necessary to improve the refne the system performance.   
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