E-portfolio is a great tool to assess the knowledge and efficiency of an individual to judge their learning efficiency in the field of professional sector. E-portfolio contains both present, qualitative, required and optional skill set of an individual.

The required skills include the assignments and projects done by the students till the end of their academic distance course. The optional skill set of an individual includes the co-curricular activities in which an individual has participated.

In brief, E-portfolio is a reflective summative assessment of an individual in which the supervisor  can easily supervise that how professionally or personally, an individual has developed himself/herself and what possibilities they have for future growth.

There is need to stimulate the e-portfolio optimization practices so that individuals can feel the need of the goals, objectives and benefits of activities involved in e-portfolio which can become benefittable for them in professional life.

Today online technology has made sufficient capable to the individuals in developing their e-portfolios. It is also necessary to bring e-portfolios more in practice so that learning based community can be framed in the online and offline communities.       

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