Fees / Billing Management Salient Features
• Fees Accounts Head Management
• Fees Head Management
• Bill Scheme Class / Section wise
• Students Personal Account (Imprest)
• Vehicle Fees Management
• Fees Receive thorough cheque / cash / draft
• Defaulter / Circular / outstanding fees settings based
• Short Fees provision
• Discount Provision
• I tax Details Head wise for each students
• Apply students bills class wise
• Receipt Cancel feature available Reports
• Daily Head wise collection reports
• Daily Collection report without heads
• Bank wise collection details
• Accounts head wise reports
• Account head wise report dynamic
• Monthly Head wise report
• Fees Defaulter latter (3 Diff formats available Class Wise/ Section Wise)
• Outstanding fees Challan class wise
• Fees bill scheme details
• Students Under a bill scheme details
• Students Fees Register Class wise/ Section Wise
• Class Wise students fees details
• Class Wise Due fees summary report
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