Today is the biggest need of the talented workers in the businesses and organizations. It is felt to find necessary the global supply of talent and labor in this 21st century. Today the world population is more than 6 billion people in which 3 billion people are in workforce.

Ensuring adequate supply of demand and supply is needed high level of flexibility and creativity. First of all, to fulfill this requirement, three level education system is necessary to be converted into lifelong learning.

Literacy is another factor which affects the supply chain of tant in this whole world. The information is necessary to be spread over the citizens, vendors, customers and business levels. At the global level, language barriers are necessary to be removed.

Some philanthrophers believe that the global cultural elements should be preserved via E-learning mediums instead of distilling it into the global universal level. It will be also helpful in preventing of the psychological barriers worldwide.

Today in the working population, it is necessary to remove the gender differences in work and education levels. In the developed economies, the role of women is increasing. From 2019, it is expected that the women role in employment activities will be upto 3 times more since 2000. It will remove the homogeneous workforce environment in the worldwide working population.   

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