Today home decor and wooden furniture is available in different quantities and varieties as well. Today most of the population in the country of India resides in urban cities. Many of them live in the room of 5 or more living rooms and many of them living in 3 or more living room holding houses and the remaining are still residing in the house leading to one living room only.
But still home furniture is still necessary for all categories of people. Everybody chooses it as per according to their choice and preferences. The incredible quality of home furniture industry of India is this that it is the largest growing furniture segment of India.
Approximately more than 60% of Indian furniture export is related to home decor. office furniture only takes place of 20%. The upper class people don’t change their ultimate furniture because their furniture design is very costly and up to the very large years.
The urbanization has led the need of furniture market growth up to the large extent. Much broader need of the landpiece of office space and furniture has led to the need of larger furniture era. There are more than 1000 hotels in Indian organised sector which is needed much need of furniture segment. So we can say that there is the large scope of office and room furniture in this arena.
The indian furniture market is considered as the unorganised and fragmented sector. More than 30% of companies like Godrej produces the furniture in organized sector. 70 % of furniture is produced by the unorganized sector companies of India.    
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