How Hewlett and Packard implemented the ERP software ?
Hewlett and Packard was started as a company as an electronic instrument company in California in 1938. Till coming to 1940s, HP products started to grow among the engineers and scientists and this trend started to grow, when US government was needed the feel of the electronic items for this company.
Why ERP was needed in the hewlett and Packard company ?
In 1990s, Hewlett Packard decided to start the mass manufacturing of its products, while in 1992, company demand of products related to the printers and computers was started to increase. To increase the efficient management of reporting of their complex business processes, they decided to implement the SAP R/3 ERP solution.
The goals were set by the HP company while considering the following initiatives -
decreasing cost and increase savings
shorter lead time
establishment of global distribution system
The software modules were related to the material management, production planning, financial planning and controlling. Hewlett and Packard company also started in migrating their deployment issues in their SAP R/3 solution till 1992. Through this SAP R/3 system, company also started to connect their ecommerce portal for selling and purchasing to their direct portal.
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