In online learning, there is a major problem in identifying the contextuality of the content that online researchers and students find on the internet. When two decades ago, lack of content was a problem in itself, but in today’s era plethora of content is the major problem. It is needed to find the contextual information to solve the problem.

Today information gathering is not the big issue. Anything can be found online. Even automatically information gathering tools are available online but the loads of information is of no use if it does not provide any relevance to the user. So it is necessary to add the quality to the retrieved information increases the quality of information.  
To solve this problem , first approach can be to provide information as per according to the location of the user. In many cases the location of the source is very important to the user.

Example- many search engines use the privacy information of the users to provide them relevant information.

To establish relationship in the different pieces of online information can make the information more relevant and contextual to the user. This concept is also known as the semantic web. many search engines also give the precedence this concept to seantics in their core algorithm so that the quality of returned results is increased in to multiples.   

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