In online learning, for any of the successful transfer of the information to the students or any candidate, it is necessary to assess that they do have the computing skills to understand the concept of real information. There are following layers of information transfer -
layer 1 - The basics -
In the basics layer, the basic study material is provided to the students in the form of books and online material. Each year, Government tries to introduce the right awareness campaigns for the different level of students and by this, they have the opportunity of making basics right from the beginning.
layer 2 - trust and responsibility -
In this second layer, after getting the primary level of skills the students are taught the public and social skills to gather the further skills. In this layer, the academic course is later combined with the cocurricular activities. Trust and responsibility are the important notions for a student. A degree of the individual states the level of confidentiality the person has.
layer 3 - The information professional          
After completing academic session of life, a student is able to take on his professional responsibilities. It is necessary to learn for an individual that the necessary computing skills acquired at the academic level will be somewhere useful for him. It is necessary to have life long learning environment for an individual.   
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