Today's digital world presents a tremendous opportunity for innovation, but also significant challenges to keep children safe. Our kids' futures depend on their understanding and leveraging technology in a smart way.  Internet safety education and training can help children, parents, and educators to know more about proper online behavior and the dangers the internet poses.

The School and Family Education about the Internet (SAFE Internet) needs wide policy to support existing and new internet safety programs that meet guidelines based on the cyber safety strategies found to be most effective.
We have to find out the ways and means to meet the challenges and opportunities the internet presents without denying our children access to this great resource, but to make sure they know how to use it wisely.
Just as we make sure our children know not to talk to strangers, not to bully kids on the playground, and not to give out their personal information, we have the same responsibility to teach them to apply these values online. That's why we suggest having some guide lines to make internet safe for children.

The educators, parents and other agencies together can research to determine best practices in internet safely education and then create guidelines. The same can be presented to central agency for implementation.

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