The blue pottery art is well known as originated from the Persia and Egypt but today it is becoming the patronage of Jaipur. Jaipur has been the hometown of skilled craftsmen since the inception of its time by Sawai Jai singh.  It has been practising in India since last 100 years. It is time consuming and it is labour intensive as well.
The reason of adopting the blue pottery making is that the artisans had the agricultural land also but the agriculture could be possible in the rainy season only and the second source of income was nothing. So as a second source of income, some artisans adopted the blue pottery making art.
Blue pottery is well renowned because of the use of blue dye especially in making pottery,toys and other items. By practising this art, approximately 300-400 people in Jaipur are earning their living. Many of the people are living this art and skill because of the low income condition. There were almost 50 units established in Jaipur for blue pottery and people are closing most of them.

There are many reasons for the downfall of the blue pottery sector -
time consuming
low market segment
losing the sector because of low income
Use of traditional methods
Very labour intensive
low marketing and distribution channels
No branding
low educational level of artisans
total dependency on local traders and distributors for supply
Role of Lead in raw material
High competition level from other ceramic products
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