A common link between the E-learning and knowledge management is the learning objects. These objects will have the tremendous effect on the online learning in the near future. The overall goals of the learning object design are -

to prepare curriculum in such a modularized way, in which number of proper instructions can be given in a variety of courses.

to prepare curriculum in such a way that it depends on each other modules but not on the learning management system.

the durability of instructions should be there to stay in course, and presentation technology should be deliverable in providing knowledge.
Learning content should be there to provide the reusability. It should be anytime, anywhere accessible.

These learning objects are also known as the powerful knowledge objects in online learning. These becomes so important, if the learner gets the interactive pool of knowledge. Another area of research to find the correlation between the knowledge management and E-learning is their merging into the
learning management system.

Just-in-time approach is very good for the online learning as the currency of knowledge. Future research and practice will indulge the AI applications, virtual reality technologies will enhance the online learning experience of the students. The biggest reason of the correlation of KM and E-learning is to capture, grasp and leverage the online learning.         
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