Knowledge Management is the best combination of the data, text and online information to extract knowledge and useful information. It is done to help the academic directors, decision makers and administrators to define the appropriate learning policies.

Student profiling is also necessary for the allocation of scholarship in addition to text and web mining. In text and web mining, detection of web plagiarism is also necessary to be identified in the student’s projects and assignments.

In knowledge distribution, use of MAS (multiple agent system) is also very important. It is important because of the providing intelligence to the elearning model. In elearning, it is very important to monitor the overall transactions in the overall websites.

The monitoring of the overall transactions is performed by software agents. These software agents also navigate to the overall outside website activities and events. These software agents are helpful in updating the online library memories and repositories.

In the last, overall queries and reporting data is important for getting the complete information about the different components of the online learning system. Data visualization techniques and charts are used to show the data and view of the repository data.      

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