Knowledge management and learning implementation is a diverse process because ultimately it depends upon the working individuals that how they are going to adopt the new learning materials.

The basic need is to understand the basic difference in the information and knowledge. The ultimate knowledge is to know about the facts by reading or collaborating with others. The information is the sharing of the knowledge or inbound intelligence.

Today knowledge management is seriously connected to the information technology, because it is generally dependant on the It department of the organization that which kind of information is required to make learning more effective to pass the assessment.

A good knowledge management system is impacted by the efficient IT tools and people to people effective communication. An individual knowledge is improved when it is peculiarly transferred by the subject matter specialist.    

A specialist on the peculiar subject matter is necessary because the proper information retrieval is not possible because of the online information repositories which are also known as the online knowledge base.

An ideal knowledge management system is necessary to cooperate with the human resources department, information
technology and overall business objectives. It is necessary for the HR department to conduct a training curriculum while considering the needs of a business.

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