Learning is an active phenomenon, in which a learner gets new conceptual knowledge and gets change in his practicised behaviour. Learning effect only takes place, in which the acquired skill and knowledge is properly implemented in the behaviour of learner.
The focus to provide the learning in organizations is to shift employees from doing operations by instructional approach to do operations by learning. It is also considerable that since 2009, ISO - 9000 institute also includes in their certificates that how organizations measure the output of their employees.    
How knowledge management effects the learning process -
Knowledge management is a process of share and distribute the knowledge to the learner in any way possible so that it can improve the organization ultimate performance and work environment.
The ultimate motive of knowledge management is to convert theoretical knowledge into the practical knowledge that can stimulate the high level of thinking and can improve the decision making process in the employees pertaining their goals and objectives.
How E-Learning improves the effects the learning process -
E-Learning is defined as the process in which knowledge is processed and gained via electronic mediums like - social media networking tools and web forums. It is a very modern concept welcomed to India since 1990s.  
E-Learning improves the skills and behaviour of an individual in a number of ways because of many aspects - social gathering, proper feedback, stimulation of mindsets and tailored instructions. The biggest benefit of adopting the E-learning is to increase the interaction of learner to the practical environment.  
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