Knowledge Management and elearning has evolved in the early 1980s, in which they have stimulate the knowledge economy in the businesses and organizations. The basic motive of the knowledge management is to stimulate the environment of innovation with in the external and internal environment of the organization.
Both KM ( Knowledge Management ) and digital learning invite the culture of self learning and knowledge transfer. It deals with the three types of techniques -
knowledge based
learner based
community based
In the knowledge based approach, it is emphasized that a learner should get all the required study material at the right time and from anywhere.
In the learner based approach, a teacher or specialized person is always available to give the required knowledge to the learner and student.
In the community based approach, the approach is generally the mixture of the knowledge and learner based approach.
In the knowledge based approach it is emphasised that the personal decision making of the learner should increase and also in the learner and community based approach, it is more emphasised that a proper knowledge sharing system should be established within the organization.

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