The concept of six sigma methodology was developed in 1987 in the production industry. Bill Smith of motorola is considered as the father of the six sigma methodology. So the concept of six sigma methodology was developed from the production sector. Generally it is not considered as appropriate technique for the banking and service industries.

In the banking industry, employees are not coped up to adopt this technique because the results are not found to be correct in measurement. To consider the problem solving and process improving opportunities usable in the banking industry, Frankfurt school of management developed a new technique named “kreditsim” for the banking industry specially.

Kreditsim methodology is used as a technique which is more pen-paper process oriented. In it, to complete a single process, the complete process is divided in to the different participants or employees. Each participant will be held responsible for the completion of his own job part. This kreditsim training process is performed as the seminar or single/multiple day webinars.

Like - to perform a loan application process in the bank there will be many activity points to perform -
submitting the loan application by the business clients
approval or rejection of the loan requisite application by department head
consideration of customer requirements
considering the correct credit rating of the client.

The loan approval process generally takes over the 9-10 days to be completed. The department head, management director, controller, loan processing specialist will be involved in this complete process of loan approval. Each job candidate will be responsible for the completion of their task.   

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