Today’s era is to become competitive and robust to move further. To move further, technology readiness is much more necessary for the people because how much people will be more techno-savvy, they will be more ready to adopt online technology and learning courses. An individual ability can significantly increase the adoption of knowledge.

In last 50 years, developed and developing economies have changed themselves their way of learning and working. Organizational resources, competitiveness and knowledge are the strategic key drivers of the success in the competition in market.

As per according to the philanthropists, the overall objective of the knowledge management is to make assure that each and every employee of an organization is able to adopt the existing and newly acquired knowledge for the betterment of themselves and the organization itself.

One of the key issues of knowledge based economy is to implement the knowledge in the organization effectively and how to make it useful to the betterment for the organization. The overall objective of the knowledge management is to involve the coordination between the people, technology and techniques & create the knowledge sharing culture.
The attitude of a learner/trainer also impacts the learning ability of the learner. This can also impact the degree of the innovating the new skills and knowledge in the tasks of routine job by the employee.
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