In any organization, there are some people who are recognized for their advanced training, nugget for knowledge, years of experience and have the feeling of research on subject matter online. These persons can be invited in to organization by asking coworkers and fellow employees and found on the internet as well.

It is very necessary for a manager to share the knowledge sharing tasks with their team and employees while conducting a training session. It can increase the motivation of employees towards the learning program and contribution of the experts also.

With the passing of the learning duration, in the office sessions it is necessary to make the employees more devoted towards the others for sharing of the knowledge. By using the appropriate knowledge sharing culture and social collaboration.

The success factor of the training and learning also depends upon this factor that the organising company should be well known and aware of the initial questions and topics which are closely associated to their work culture and patterns and improve it as well.

While conducting a training, seminar, webinar or any type of the learning session, it is also necessary to consider the comfort level of subject matter experts because not everybody is comfortable to give his extension lecture in front of a class or camera. So while considering this, the learning or training program should be conducted.

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