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Every new year has come something new for every segment especially for the education and learning segment. Whether it may be business learning or academic initiatives, new innovations and latest trends are always in center. Now let’s try to find out the latest innovations in business and online learning which will be center of point in 2019 -
Today business online learning initiatives should be based on personalised approach. A single online course simply prepared for everybody is not the solution of all problems. The business online learners should focus on the fulfilling the gap with their desired skills and individual online learning courses will be helpful for that.
As a new learning trend of online training, organizations and businesses at medium and big level are adopting the microlearning. In microlearning, learning material is divided into modules and training is provided into the different segments. Different classic visual items like - infographics, videos, gaming quizzes and contests are used to convey the study material.
At some organizations self-paced learning model will be helpful in the 2019 and beyond.  In this type of self paced learning, business learners anonymously develop their targets and they choose their study material as per according to their task lists and schedule. A separate routine is pre-decided to get online training by the individuals.
At last video based online learning has been so successful in providing the new pace to the online learning techniques. Videos are the most fast and effective way to learn about any subject. This trend will be forelasting for the many coming years and beyond.

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