The legal aspect of the company generally depends on the two aspects -

Company as a legal functioning entity.
Project network contracts between the participants.

A project finance company is a legal entity which has the right to enter into the different agreements & contracts. They can also be included as to pay debts and can be hold into responsibilities. Thus a company is a legal entity which can sue or it can be sued. A project finance company does nothing, but develops, create and build the project.

It is necessary to manage the overall project finance company from the external interference so that the economical, financial and legal management of the company can be easily optimized. Before demanding for the project, it is necessary to analyze the documents and associated risks are assumpted.

There are 3 types of the project finance documents -

financial document including credits.
security document for the assets jurisdiction.
project agreements for the operational contracts and activities.   

These all documents are the core center of the project finance company and they regulates the terms and conditions of the overall contract. Lenders have to make available financial resources to the project finance company. A project finance loan is divided into the many facilities, which are also known as the project facilities.       

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